On My Way

I had an errand to be done the other day in Geneva, a neighboring city of Dekalb. I love it whenever I have to drive to Geneva, passing the country side with its picturesque view. Especially in winter time when all I can see is a beautiful plain white scenery. I created a playlist that I would listen to during my 40-minutes drive to that city. My ride was even more enjoyable…:-) Here it is:

1. Life is a Highway (Cars Soundtrack – Rascal Flatts)

2. Kids of the Future (Jonas Brothers)

3. Year 3000 (Jonas Brothers)

4. Prisoners in Paradise (Europe)

5. Baba O’Riley (The Who)

6. Hot Love (Twisted Sister)

7. Man Against the World (Survivor)

8. We’re not Gonna Take it (Twisted Sister)

9. 5150 (Van Halen)

10. King of Wishful Thinking (Pretty Woman Soundtrack – Go West)

9 Tanggapan to “On My Way”

  1. bleu Says:

    Welcome back, sort of, bung. Good luck with the upcoming exam. But Twisted Sister? Still? C’mon… I would expect Black Sabbath or something else… hehehe… Happy holiday!

  2. philips vermonte Says:

    he..he..bule…I know you loved Twisted Sister too. The lead vocalist Dee Snider is an interesting person. He’s been politically active and been a committed supporter of Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘the governator’ of California…:-)

    Black Sabbath? Not really. Pink Floyd for sure…he..he

  3. lensman Says:

    salaam ale kum , im lensman, a photographer.. plz hav a visit 2 my blog.. comment on d posts u liked.. i hve given u a link.. insha allah, hope u r kind enuf to link me back…

  4. mlim Says:

    Philips, I’m just glad that you are OK. I was shivered as I heard the word deKalb was mentioned… and my mind went to you immediately. And I said to myself, please please, not Philips. And I am happy you weren’t among the casualties.

    Take care.

  5. Iparman Oesman Says:


    if u don’t mind, I’ll copy your writing for my teen daughter who has an obsession to study in the US (hope so..)

    Terimakasih atas inspirasi yang sy temukan dalam on my way.

  6. sambaldadakan Says:

    Kemaren yg ada tembak2an di salah satu Universitas di Amrik itu di NIU yah?parah banget tuh.Hope you’re okay.jadi inget salah satu filmnya Michael Moore entitled Bowling for Columbine.moga2 ga terjadi lagi deh.

  7. dvomr Says:

    Wah, Pak Philips, kampusnya masuk berita tuh. Ngeri bener…

  8. novic Says:

    kang philip…

    kirain geneva-nya eropa… taunya masih di uncle sam..
    kalo ke geneva yang satu lagi.. mampir yak!


  9. philips vermonte Says:

    novic, semoga saya bisa sampai di geneva yang satu lagi kapan-kapan…he..he

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