Music and food: What else do we need?

I just added two blogrolls here. One is a blog about the Rockstar Supernova show, a summer-long reality show on CBS searching for new rockstars that has just finished. Among the juries in the show are Tommy Lee of Motley Crue and Jason Newstead the former bassist of Metallica. Those who missed the show can watch videos of selected performances of the contestants that are made available in the blog. I put it under ‘miscellaneous’ category.

Another link is on the culinary experience of Ari Margiono, a friend of mine, in Jakarta. He just started a new blog. It’s gonna be an inspiring blog i believe. I like the idea of writing down our experience (and thinking) in finding new (and old too) interesting eating places everywhere. Ono is right in telling me that there are always long philosophical and historical stories behind every food we eat everyday.

In fact, if time and budget allow, I would like to visit Burma one day. Burmese food must be great. We know that Burma is surrounded by countries with great foods (and great civilizations): China, India and Thailand. I suspect, Burmese food is sort of a mixture of the great taste of Chinese, Indian and Thai foods. Yummy…


4 Tanggapan to “Music and food: What else do we need?”

  1. mer Says:

    i think i almost agree with you. music and food, what else do we need?
    for me it would be love (cuuuuih), music, and a little bit of food…. :D

  2. philips vermonte Says:

    wah jangan gitu mer, emang di arizona nggak ada calon? Oh iya, blog lu gue link deh, masak profesor nggak gue link?..he..he..congrats again buat tenure di kampus sana, kabarin terus kalau-kalau ada fellowship…

  3. yudo Says:


  4. philips vermonte Says:

    he..he..yudo emang paling bisa…

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