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When was the last time you did something for the first time? I suddenly remember this thought-provoking question when I was about to write my first post here. I increasingly enjoy the feeling of having a weblog through which I can let out some of my thoughts and share them with others. I earlier had set up and contributed to some community blogs, but never really had one of my own. Although I in fact created this blog in 2004, I left it blank most of the time. So, here is my own blog. I recollect some of my not-so-serious writings, or to put it more aptly my “mumbles”, which have appeared in other community blogs or somewhere else. Also I dig into the data folder in my iBook to find some essays that I wrote a long time ago and I then upload them here. Have a very happy reading!

a hot summer afternoon
Dekalb, May 2006.


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